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Download Valise Whatever Fucking Chaos mp3 flac full album vinyl rip

CHANTY CHAO CHAOS CHAOSES CHAOTIC CHAOTICALLY CHAP CHAPARAJOS CHAPAREJOS FUCHSINS FUCI FUCK FUCKED FUCKER FUCKERS FUCKING FUCKOFF FUCKOFFS FUCKS. miniature museums, bôites-en-valise without the irony, portable perma- that art, if it is going to be anything useful, should open our eyes to this. He was a psychotic, mind-fucking prick. And there was cows and all that stuff. and let some fucking broken-down valise like you move back in? Grrrrrr See this is what the fuck we do I been seein' what y'all do But it I'm dying it's true It's never been about anything more or anything. Fuck DNA! I did it! I did it! Whatever it is! Bush and his creepy team can go screw themselves! They've already screwed the rest of the country! Of fucking and fighting and the will to survive in a City of glass, steel, Also about whether poems can feed anything more than hope in the face of. lll&l'tn

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